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Riverbender.com Community Center Wish List

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Fixed Operating Expenses

  • Financial help with utilities (gas, electric, phone, cable TV, internet, trash, and water), taxes, insurance, rent (approx $4,500 a month)
  • Recycling pickup of paper and plastic soda bottles (approx $125 per month)


Afterschool Program

  • Financial Assistance to Low Income Students:  $915/child/year
  • Music Lessons Provided by Halpin Music: $22/hour x 2 hours = $44 x 36 weeks = $1,584
  • Incentive/Reward Prizes: $50 x 36  weeks = $1800
  • Programming/Special Speakers: $200.00 x 6 months = $1200
  • Art& craft supplies: Clay, pottery tools, paper, canvas, paint, duct tape
  • Fitness: Yoga Mats, exercise balls, instructional DVDs
  • Science Experiment Kits


Facility Improvements

  • RBCC Sign for front of building (approx $3000)
  • Small outdoor digital sign for event promotion (approx $4000)
  • Sandwich board sidewalk sign (approx $125)
  • Indoor digital signage for meetings & events (approx $600) 
  • Permanent Sponsor Recognition Signage (approx $500)
  • Cellular distributed antenna system (approx $3750)


Special Projects

  • Vault: Furniture, Educational software, 2 Mac laptops, 2 PC Laptops, Deepfreeze software, Security camera, Lighting, Décor & Wall Murals, Sound system w/ iPod connection, Photo Booth Curtain and Rod, PC and Webcam
  • Photobooth Printer paper & ink
  • Internet Café: Countertop, Deepfreeze Software, Router and Content filtering, two TVs, 2 more Computers
  • Game Rooms (1st floor and foot of stairs in lower level): Commercial basketball game, Commercial dart board, Shuffle board, Corn hole
  • Arcade Alley: New Wii Cables,  budget for new games, Xbox1 and Playstation 4 controllers
  • Main Stage & Underground: Mic cables, VJ system, jukebox, Live video, Camera wiring
  • Security and crowd control: Back door alarm, Stairwell and tool room alarms, Side door alarms, Music room lock, Additional Security cameras
  • Kitchen: Sink trap, Hood system improvements, Shelving, Gas to Pizza oven
  • Front office / Concessions: 2 Computers, Counter / workstation, Rewards display case
  • House PA speakers in lower level (Hall, vault, art room, underground)
  • Housekeeping: Wide Vacuum sweeper, Standard Vacuum (2 more), Stack chairs (60), Cocktail tables (6 x $90), New Mop, Recycle bottles (3 more)

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