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From day one, volunteers have built what is now one of the best places for teens in the RiverBend area - and volunteers are essential to support the ongoing operations of the Center.  

Help us continue to provide teens a fun, safe, positive environment. Whether it's volunteering to help with our after school program, teaching workshops like art, crafts, or music, serving on our Adult Advisory Committee, becoming a chaperone for teen dances, or helping out with maintenance projects, we can use your help!

The possibilities are endless in the ways we can utilize your skills! If you would like to Volunteer, we are always looking for people to:

  • Teach a Class - such as painting and drawing, billiards, ping pong, computer sciences, robotics and electronics, videography and photography, or anything you would like to teach.
  • Lend a Hand - you can help out other volunteers who are teaching, watch over the kids while they play games and work on crafts, help out at the concession stand, and monitor the play areas.
  • Chaperone Events - help us keep an eye on the students who attend events such as the Middle School Dance Party, OPEN PLAY!, the After School Program, and other events we throw all year long.
  • Lead an Activity, Event, or Program - If you have the time and ability, we would love for you to run an activity, event, or program. You can pick up something we already have planned or you can throw something together that fits your unique skills and talents.

If you cannot volunteer, which we understand, perhaps you could make a donation:

  • Watch for the needs - for many activities we have specific materials and supplies we need, such as arts and crafts supplies. We might also need food donations such as cookies, snack cakes, or pizzas. Whatever you can give makes these kid's day!
  • We give out lots of prizes - from time to time, we try to give out prizes. You could donate any type of small or large electronic prize or sports ball. Whatever you can donate to keep these kids interested, and coming back to our safe, fun, and educational facility is fantastic!
  • Furniture and supplies - we go through a ton of supplies such as paper towels, cups, table game euipment (such as ping pong balls), and cleaning supplies. If you have any old furniture around, we can take that, too.
  • Check out our Wishlist - for some ideas of our usual supplies costs, you can check out our Amazon Wishlist.

And as always, we are extremely grateful to those who volunteer and make donations. We truly could not do it without you!


  • Dance Chaperones
  • Adult Advisory Committee Members
  • After School Program Tutoring & Supervision
  • Community Promotion
  • Fundraising Assistance
  • Workshop Instruction (dance, music, crafts, art, etc.)
  • Cleaning Support

A quick word about student volunteers

Whether you are a student or an adult, we could use your help. However, we limit the amount of student volunteers we have at each event. Student volunteers will not serve as chaperones, but rather work as the setup or clean up crew, assistant to Program Leaders and Event Coordinators, and other tasks as assigned by the Center staff.

We really do appreciate the help we get from students, and we are thrilled that students who grew up at the Center want to assist in it's continued success. The limitations on student volunteers is for the benefit of all students who wish to volunteer. More importantly, limitations are in place for the safety of visitors to the Center. If you have any questions, please give us a call or stop by.

Total volunteer hours to date: over 7,000.

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