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Signing up for Text Alerts

BRAND NEW! You can now sign up to get text alerts from the Riverbender.com Community Center. Stay up to date with current and upcoming events, programs, activities, and everything RBCC. Just follow the instructions below.

Text Alert Instructions

How to Sign Up

To sign up for Riverbender.com Community Center text alerts, begin by texting the code


to the number


You will get a couple of prompts to help us know who is signed up. For example, you'll be asked for your name.

Your number is always private. We never get to see it, so your information is secure. Sign up as many phone numbers as you have!

Other Ways to Sign Up

You can also sign up using an email address. Follow this link to the Remind.com website and subscribe with an email address (or phone number).

RBCC Newsletters

And don't forget to sign up for our email newsletters. Same information, just a little more in-depth than a text message. :D

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