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Middle School Dance Logo

The Center is happy to continue to hold the Middle School Dance Party for the youth in our community. With all the tables games, video games, movie theater, karaoke, photo booth, cafe & snacks, and last but not least, our dance floor! It's the perfect place to hang out with friends, or make some new ones!

The Dance Parties run the 1st Saturday of every month. The doors open at 7pm! Members who have their key tag can get in at 6:30pm for only $5. For everyone else, it's $10 to get in. The party is over at 10pm.

Every student who attends the Center events MUST have emergency contact information on file at the Center. Members have turned in this information with their Membership Application. Non-Members must have their parents fill out the Guest Information Form. Parent signature is required.

Drop Off

Parents drop off their middle schoolers at the front door at 200 W 3rd street, right next to Mac's. Volunteers will be outside making sure the kids get in safe, and handing out flyers with important information on them.

Pick Up

Parents will pick up their children from our parking lot behind the Center. Parents should not come to the front door to pick up their children. Parents will not be allowed entrance to the Center, for safety reasons.

You will enter our lot from State Street and form two lines. When the official blows the whistle your children will be released, and may walk to your car. Please make sure you gather your children (and any friends) quickly as we usually have over 150 kids waiting to be picked up. Once the cars have been filled the official will release the cars in the lot one row at a time, and bring in more cars. Our goal is a fast, yet safe pickup system. We appreciate your patience.

Cars will exit the lot onto the one-way section of Belle Street.

Click here for more information about Drop off and Pickup.

*Dance schedule subject to change. Watch the Facebook page, Instagram, or this website for updates.

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