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Membership and accessibility to the Riverbender.com Community Center (RBCC) is a privilege. Creating a positive safe environment for teens is a priority. Respect for property and individuals are important characteristics of social interaction. 

Entry to the Center is granted to middle and high school students who obtain a membership by meeting all of the required guidelines. Cost of membership is $40 per year for one child or $60 per year for two to four children in the same household. Specific requirements include a process designed to enforce security measures. 

Participants must register to become a Member. In order to register you must meet the following requirements:

1. Each participant is currently enrolled in school or home schooled.
2. Each participant must submit a completed Code of Conduct form signed by him / herself AND a parent or legal guardian. Forms MUST be delivered to the Center by a parent or legal guardian.   Click here to download the Membership Application Form.

Registration to become a Member will include the following requirements:

1. Provide a valid school ID, Driver's License, or other form of photo ID such as a previous yearbook.
2. Complete a form providing verifiable emergency contact information, including a parent or legal guardian's address and legitimate contact phone number either via land line or cell, plus a secondary number in case of emergency. Photo and video release forms must be signed. Email contact information is expected for each participant, and members can opt in or out of Center Email Updates and Alerts. 
3. Participate in a brief orientation.

All forms required for participation will be available on the website to facilitate the registration process in a convenient manner.


Teens must show their membership card to be scanned at the door for entry. Checking in and out is required for accurate accountability and security / occupancy compliance. The membership ID cards, and the associated computer system, will help us enforce the rules of the center as well as improve communication between our staff, the parents, and the students. Click here to learn more about the Center's Security.

Out of town guests will be permitted to enter the Center if accompanied by a member in good standing. Each guest must pay an admission charge, participate in a brief orientation session, and sign a Code of Conduct form. Members will be held accountable for the behavior of their guests. Member and guest will leave together, not separately. Notifying the Center in advance of potential guests is advised as the Center reserves the right to limit the number of people entering any given activity or function. A Guest who visits the center on a frequent or regular basis will be asked to go through the membership process.

High school student eligibility begins June 1st following middle school graduation, continuing through August 15 following high school graduation. Middle school eligibility begins June 1st following completion of fifth grade, continuing until they reach high school status. Upon exiting high school status, "alumni" will be able to attend special events relative to Teen Center functions.

Renewal of membership is required each year from June 15 - July 1st. Contact information will be verified / updated and validated. Parents or legal guardians must be involved in the process and may elect to alter a member's participatory status. 

Carrying into the Center expensive equipment or electronics, though not prohibited, is highly discouraged as the Center will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal items. Please keep them at home.


Highlights of the Code of Conduct are posted on a sign at the entrance, so there is no misunderstanding of rules / regulations / and expectations. Adult volunteers, screened by the center and using discretion, retain the right to appropriately reprimand or remove members if the behavior warrants such reactions.


Violations of the Code of Conduct subject a member to immediate removal from the Center and, or, suspension of privileges regarding future access or participation in activities. An Advisory Board and, or a Director of the Center may determine the fate of a member based on the infraction. Should a member be expelled from the Center on a permanent basis, a hearing with the Board may be scheduled on a regular Meeting Date. The member must attend with a parent and, or legal guardian. Fair treatment of all members is the standard, however, disruptions or unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. 

For more information about becoming a member, please call 618-465-9850 ext 212.

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Office Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm M-F
P: 618-465-9850 x 212 F: 618-465-9851
200 West 3rd Street | Alton, IL. 62002