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The Riverbender.com Community Center maintains a safe place for teens to hang out with their friends and the opportunity to make new ones; in a place that is free from the outside influence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. The Center's focus and number one goal is to provide youth the chance to be themselves while experimenting with new ideas, new technology, games, and through social, educational, and entertainment activities.

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Brick Campaign

Our Rooftop Garden is underway but we need your help to finish it!
You can become a permanent fixture in our garden by purchasing a 4x8 brick or a 12x12 block. You can customize the brick with up to 3 lines of text, and if you purchase a block you can include a company logo. You can get the Brick Campaign order form here.

Attention: ALL students attending the Center events!

All students who attend the Riverbender.com Community Center events MUST have an Emergency Contact form on file at the Center. Members will already have this information on file. Non-Members must fill out the Guest Information Form found here.

regular events

Adult Social Circle Game Day Logo OPEN PLAY! Logo
Every 3rd Tuesday of the Month
Enjoy some cards and other games with your group.
Only $7 per person, Lunch is included.

Bring the family and some friends.
Every Friday 6-10pm
$5 for Members
$10 for Non-Members
$15 for the whole family!
Members must bring their keytag

Middle School Dance Logo Dragonfly Family Cafe Logo

First Saturday of Every Month

7:00pm - 10:00pm
$5 for members with keytag
$10 for everyone else

Wednesday Day Play
Every Wednesday from 10am - 12pm
$3 per child - Adults and Infants are FREE

Dragonfly Cafe is also open every Friday night during OPEN PLAY!

After School Program Logo

Every Day after school lets out

$5 per day, with advance pay options
Special Activities as well as Free Play time!
Work on homework or school projects
and get Rewards Points for snacks and prizes!



We're always looking for talented and hard working volunteers. It wouldn't be possible without them! Volunteers lend their time and talents to the Center, making our events great! Here's some events you can help us out with:

OPEN PLAY! every Friday night
Middle School Dance Party the first Saturday of every month
After School Program every day after school


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